Erin Kelly

Forestry & Wildland Resources


Dr. Kelly is an Associate Professor in the Forestry and Wildland Resources Department. She has advised graduate students in both the E&C and Natural Resources programs, with a focus on the intersections of human institutions and natural resources. Much of her work has centered on natural resource policies, and the many intended and unintended consequences  of their implementation, as well as community well-being and the interactions among forest governance, land tenure, and management. Recent research projects have included: coordination of landowners across multi-jurisdictional fire-prone landscapes; the political process of developing forestry projects in the carbon cap-and-trade market; social media use and crowding in protected areas; and the economic and cultural intersections of cannabis production and watershed restoration.

Areas of Interest: 

I am interested in evaluating whether forest policies are effective, and the many intended and unintended consequences of their implementation. Because forestry has long been intertwined with community well-being, much of my research has focused on how communities are affected by the forest sector and by the interactions among forest governance, tenure, and management.

Ph.D. 2010, Forest Social Science, Oregon State University
Erin Kelly
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