News for EC/ENST students - 2/20/2023

1) SAFE Symposium, March 1

This day-long symposium will bring together Tribal leaders, researchers, and practitioners who are working on the interrelated topics of wildfire smoke, air quality, fire risk, and clean energy solutions. The goal is enhancing climate resilience of rural and Tribal communities. This event (held in the Blue Lake Rancheria’s Sapphire Palace) is free to attend, and will include complimentary lunch, beverages, and snacks. Learn more and register here (please register asap if interested).

2) Ateneo: ConCiencia, Feb. 21


3) Faculty candidate research talk, teaching demo, and meet and greet

Active link for the teaching demo

 4) Alternative Currencies and Solar Dollars, Feb. 22

Active link here

5) Akemi Kochiyama, Feb. 22


6) Climate and Clean Energy Series, Feb. 23

5:30 p.m. The Schatz Energy Research Center is hosting a new Climate and Clean Energy Series! This month's free webinar presentation is titled "44 Feet: Vulnerabilities, Opportunities, and Strategies for Managing Risk from Sea-Level Rise to Humboldt Bay’s Spent Nuclear Fuel Site" presented by Cal Poly Humboldt faculty Jennifer Marlow. Learn more and register here.

7) Spring 2023 Ecoseries, Feb. 23

As part of the spring 2023 EcoSeries speaker series, Diana Guzmán-Colón will speak on "Genetic similarities of invasive small Indian mongoose in Puerto Rico are associated with proximity to modified landscapes: Implications for wildlife management." Feb. 23, 4pm. All in-person and virtual presentations will take place or be screened in WDFS 258. Sponsored by the Wildlife Graduate Student Society. See the semester's full schedule here. Questions? Email
8) Environmental Health Sciences internship
For more information, visit here. Applications are due March 5.

9) Grad student opportunity: Global Sustainability Fellows Program

The Global Sustainability Fellows Program inspires, prepares, and mobilizes future international leaders to tackle urgent sustainability challenges facing the planet. During the program, fellows study with leading experts in the fields of systems thinking, sustainability, and community development. This foundation guides the fieldwork component of the program (this year in La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain), which consists of the analyses of local communities through interviews, site visits, and research. The program concludes with presentations of key findings in plenary sessions, attended by GSF fellows, faculty, and representatives of these communities. Room, board, and program costs are covered entirely by the GSF. Fellows are expected to cover transportation to and from the program location as well as incidental costs. Learn more here. Applications due March 10.

10) Student Sustainability Summit

Student Sustainability Summit (S-cube) brings together students and professionals from across the country to showcase their work, connect with others in their areas of expertise, and discover life-changing sustainable solutions. This free virtual student-led event hosted by University of Maryland Student Government Sustainability Committee will serve as a platform where students from any background, location, and knowledge level have an equitable opportunity to learn about sustainability in various fields, including technology, science, education, policy, economics, architecture, agriculture, psychology, and more at no cost. Learn more and register here.
**Students, present your work at the summit! Abstract submission deadline is March 17, 2023.

11) Social Science Student Symposium

The CSU SSRIC Social Science Student Symposium (S4, pronounced "ess four") is modeled on professional conferences in the social sciences. The year's symposium will be held in-person only (hosted by California State University, Channel Islands). 

The S4 is a free 'student only' conference that allows CSU students to present research in a supportive environment! We invite all CSU undergraduates and graduate students, from all areas of the social sciences (broadly defined) to present their research to their peers. The atmosphere of the S4 is very relaxed, and the emphasis is on meeting and sharing with other CSU students with similar interests. 

See here for more information. The submission/registration deadline is March 27.


Environment Studies Club, Feb. 25 excursion

Care about the environment? Looking for community? Or just new friends? The ENST Club or Environmental Studies Club is back up and running and excited for a new semester. The Environmental Studies Club is comprised of individuals who care about the environment and the beings living in it. The club also focuses on having a positive outlook on environmental issues and often holds meetings specifically to mitigate anxiety and fear surrounding climate change. All students are welcome and you don't have to be an Environmental Studies student to join. 
Club meetings are on Monday at 6:15 pm in Founders Hall 181 followed by an excursion somewhere in Humboldt County on the following Saturday. Meetings are biweekly. Below is a full semester calendar of events and meeting times. For any questions or to get on the mailing list email We hope to see you there!