Interdisciplinary Faculty & Staff

More than 20 faculty members participate in our program. The home departments of these faculty members are distributed across the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and College of Natural Resources and Sciences.

They include the following departments:

  • Communication
  • Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies
  • English
  • Environmental Studies
  • Environmental Resource Engineering
  • Environmental Science and Management
  • Forestry & Wildland Resources
  • Geography
  • History
  • Native American Studies
  • Politics
  • Sociology
  • Wildlife

E & C faculty members teach graduate seminars and mentor our graduate students. Faculty members participate in the program because they have chosen to be part of an interdisciplinary social science graduate program that focuses on sustainability and justice.


Janelle Adsit

Janelle Adsit
(707) 826-5936
FH 228
Janelle's Bio »

Areas of Interest: Environmental justice, ecopoetics, environmental humanities

Mark Baker  (FERP faculty) Returns Spring 2022

Mark Baker (FERP faculty) Returns Spring 2022
(707) 826-3907
FH 140
Mark's Bio »

Areas of Interest: Community-based natural resources management, socio-ecological impacts of hydropower development, community-forestry, water politics, political ecology, South Asia, North America

Kayla Begay

Kayla Begay
Assistant Professor
(707) 826-4316
BSS 254
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Areas of Interest: Language Revitalization, Language Endangerment, Language Reclamation, Sociolinguistics, Language Variation, Historical Linguistics, California Indian Culture & Community-based Research.

Renée Byrd

Renée Byrd
(707) 826-4563
BSSB 530
Renée's Bio »

Areas of Interest: Critical Race Studies; Law & Society; Prison Abolition; Transnational Feminisms; Queer of Color Critique; Sexuality Studies; Environmental Justice; Neoliberal Political Rationalities; Social Theory; Poststructuralism; Globalization; the State and State Violence

Deepti Chatti

Deepti Chatti
Assistant Professor | Environmental Studies Program
(707) 826-4975

Deepti's Bio »

Areas of Interest: Energy ethnography, feminist political ecology, postcolonial science and technology studies, critical development studies, environmental anthropology, South Asian studies, clean energy transitions, gender and technology, energy access, sustainable development research methods

Leena Dallasheh

Leena Dallasheh
(707) 826-5937
FH 149
Leena's Bio »

Areas of Interest: Palestine/Israel, Colonialism, Settler-colonialism and Decolonization, Urban History,Social History,  Middle Eastern Studies 

Matthew Derrick

Matthew Derrick
(707) 826-4976
FH 133
Matthew's Bio »

Areas of Interest: Place and identity, territorial conflict and cooperation, regionalization, nationalism and religious identity

Nikola Hobbel

Nikola Hobbel
(707) 826-3161
FH 172
Nikola's Bio »

Areas of Interest: Dr. Nikola Hobbel researches the intersections of policy, teaching, and the politics of diversity.  Her published works include Social Justice Pedagogy across the Curriculum: The Practice of Freedom (with Thandeka K. Chapman), Negotiating the Common Good in Teacher Education Policy: Critical and International Perspectives (with Barbara L. Bales), as well as articles discussing Freirean praxis and critical multiculturalism.

Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson
(707) 826-3218
WFB 222
Matt's Bio »

Areas of Interest: Studies relationships between wildlife conservation and human livelihood. Recent interests revolve around the integration of agriculture, food sovereignty, and biodiversity conservation. His work has also involved the interdisciplinary valuation of ecosystem services provisioned by wildlife.

Erin Kelly

Erin Kelly
Forestry & Wildland Resources
(707) 826-4150
FR 210
Erin's Bio »

Areas of Interest: I am interested in evaluating whether forest policies are effective, and the many intended and unintended consequences of their implementation. Because forestry has long been intertwined with community well-being, much of my research has focused on how communities are affected by the forest sector and by the interactions among forest governance, tenure, and management.

John Meyer

John Meyer
(707) 826-4497
FH 138
John's Bio »

Areas of Interest: Environmental Political Theory, Political Ideas, Everyday Practices, Climate Change and Populism, Sustainability, Anthropocene

Nicholas Perdue,  Program Lead for E&C

Nicholas Perdue, Program Lead for E&C
(707) 826-4115
Founders Hall 134
Nicholas's Bio »

Areas of Interest: Nicholas Perdue studes issues such as urban mobility, transportation systems, accessibility, and placed based human-environment relations. His newest research project proposes new ways to represent and understand historical, cultural, and social elements in climate change maps as a way to help us understand more broadly what is at risk and what could be lost in the near future.

Sarah Ray

Sarah Ray
Environmental Studies
(707) 826-3915
FH 134
Sarah's Bio »

Areas of Interest: Her research areas are interdisciplinary environmental studies and the environmental humanities, environmental justice, climate change emotions, and youth activism. She teaches and advises in the Environmental Studies BA Program and the Environment and Community Master's program.

Kaitlin Reed

Kaitlin Reed
Assistant Professor of Native American Studies

Kaitlin's Bio »

Areas of Interest: Tribal land and water rights; Indigenous environmental justice; settler colonial and capitalist resource extraction; environmental conflict; traditional ecological knowledge; land return & decolonization.

Cutcha Risling Baldy

Cutcha Risling Baldy
Native American Studies
(707) 826-4322

Cutcha's Bio »

Areas of Interest: Indigenous feminisms, California Indian politics & culture, environmental justice, media activism, community based research & evaluation, nonprofit & tribal development

Maxwell Schnurer

Maxwell Schnurer
(707) 826-3282
TH 004
Maxwell's Bio »

Areas of Interest: His research focuses on social movements, language, power, and freedom.

Marlon Sherman

Marlon Sherman
Native American Studies
(707) 826-3821
BSS 256
Marlon's Bio »

Areas of Interest: Teaches in the Native American Studies Department, specializing in indigenous and tribal law, justice, peacemaking, governance, environment, resource use, culture, history and philosophy. His poems were awarded the 2003 First Book Award for Poetry by the Native Writers’ Circle of the Americas.

Tony Silvaggio

Tony Silvaggio
(707) 826-3142
BSS 532
Tony's Bio »

Areas of Interest: His current research focuses on understanding the impact repressive legislation (such as the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act) has on environmental NGOs and activist communities. He also is engaged in research on the environmental impact of the marijuana industrial complex. 

Noah Zerbe

Noah Zerbe
(707) 826-3911
FH 139
Noah's Bio »

Areas of Interest: Food politics, alternative food systems, and political economy


Peggy  Stewart

Peggy Stewart
Administrative Support Assistant II
(707) 826-4494
FH 180- * Currently Telecommuting / In person Office Hours: Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM | Our office is open Monday-Friday from 8:00AM -5:00PM
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Alma  Zechman

Alma Zechman
Administrative Support Coordinator II
(707) 826-4493
FH 180-* Currently Telecommuting/ In person Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 8:00AM-5:00PM | Our office is open Monday-Friday from 8:00AM -5:00PM
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