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Application Opens: October 1, 2023

Application Due: April 8, 2024

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After two years of being on pause, we officially re-opened the Environment and Community Master's program for Fall 2023 admission. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at

The Environment & Community Program is a 2-year, interdisciplinary Master of Arts in Social Science Degree program.

E&C focuses on the diverse relationships between environment and community using interdisciplinary perspectives. 

We find just and sustainable solutions to complex social and environmental challenges, grounded in the knowledge that racial justice, settler colonialism, and environmental problems are deeply intertwined.

We seek to foreground intersectional and decolonizing understandings of power/privilege and identity in environment and community interrelationships.

Flexibility to conduct research you find compelling:

We welcome future researchers, tribal, government, or nonprofit leaders, political and policy organizers, and all those who want to make contributions to their environment & community. Join us:

  • to embrace critical interdisciplinarity in the context of environment and community relations.
  • advancing just sustainability and environmental justice using frameworks that acknowledge the power-laden connections between race, other axes of social difference, and environment.
  • learning with and from our students, teaching advocacy, supporting their interests, and mentoring them to be effective leaders.

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Environment and Community MA Program
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