Dual Degree Pathway

Our dual degree pathway enables exceptional students to simultaneously earn a bachelor's and a master's degree. 


The Environment and Community M.A. in Social Science Graduate Program has developed a dual degree pathway that enables exceptional students to simultaneously earn a bachelor's and a master's degree in five years. Although the pathway does not change undergraduate major or graduate degree requirements, students in the blended degree program seamlessly progress from undergraduate to graduate status. Students are eligible to apply for the dual degree pathway upon completion of 60 units, and are strongly encouraged to apply before completing 90 units. Admission to the pathway also constitutes admission to the Environment & Community M.A. program in Social Science; no further program application will be required and there is no application fee. The dual degree pathway consists of 150 units. Students in the dual pathway are able to take graduate-level courses while still undergraduates.

Program Requirements

Successful completion of the dual degree program requires careful course selection and planning because the course requirements for both degrees as well as the culminating experience (either a master's thesis or project) should be completed in five years. Because of the tight timeline, students interested in this opportunity should plan ahead by taking courses during their freshman and sophomore years that will satisfy their undergraduate degree requirements. Students should complete all lower division course requirements for the major and all general education and all-university (GEAR) requirements either before admission into the dual pathway or during the first semester following admission. All lower division baccalaureate requirements and the Graduate Writing Proficiency Exam (GWPE) must be taken before completing 120 units of coursework.

Dual degree pathway students take graduate-level coursework during their third or fourth year and by the end of their fourth year they advance to candidacy. During the summer prior to their fifth year, students in the blended program conduct research for their master's degree or project. The fifth year is then devoted to completing course requirements and thesis or project writing. After earning 120 units of course credit and completing all lower-division work, the degree-objective status of dual pathway students changes from undergraduate to graduate. Please see the attached sample course template, which illustrates a possible trajectory for a political science major in the dual degree pathway.

Admission Process

Students interested in this dual degree pathway should contact the E&C program coordinator for further information. Students wishing to join the dual degree pathway should apply spring semester of their sophomore year or either semester of their junior year. Admission to the dual degree pathway is based on demonstrated academic excellence, including a minimum GPA of 3.5, and fit with the program's areas of emphasis. Application materials include the dual degree pathway program application form, a 750 word statement of purpose, one letter of recommendation, official transcripts from each college attended, a ten-page writing sample, and at least two instructor evaluation forms from courses taken during the current academic year. Here are the instructor evaluation form and application form. When preparing the statement of purpose, please follow the statement of purpose prompts for admission to the E&C program, which can be found here.

All application materials should be emailed to: envcomm1@humboldt.edu or sent to the program office (Founders Hall 180). Application materials are due by Oct. 1 (for spring admission) or Feb. 28 (for fall admission). A faculty committee evaluates student applications. Offers of admission will be made no later than early December (for spring admission) or early May (for fall admission). Interested students should check with the Financial Aid office to understand the financial aid and fee implications of this pathway (students will be charged graduate rates for tuition and fees once they earn 120 units). Applicants are also encouraged to complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for financial aid while in the dual degree pathway. Information about completing the FAFSA and about financial aid in general is available from the Humboldt Financial Aid Office.