1. Dialogue on Racism, White Supremacy, and Anti-Racism, Sept. 10. The goal of this dialogue--sponsored by the Dean of Students Office and the Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion--is to provide a space for our campus community to ask questions, to share how these incidents have impacted them, and discuss how the campus community can work together to address racial and social justice issues. We will be dividing groups into breakout sessions based on how participants identify themselves racially to minimize the harm. Sept. 10, 3 p.m. All participants must register here before attending the session. Further details here.
  2. Statue Removal Discussion, Sept. 10. Decolonization through elimination of symbols of oppression and imperialism. Message from E&C faculty member Dr. Leena Dallasheh (home department History): “Please consider joining this meeting organized by the History Club, with a graduate of the E&C program who will be presenting based on his thesis. It’s great to see ways that we can engage the community and university and disseminate the insights from E&C projects.” Sept. 10, 5 p.m. Zoom link here. See the attached flyer.
  3. Wind energy webinars, Sept. 14-Oct. 12. The Schatz Energy Research Center is holding a series of five webinars titled Exploring the Feasibility of Offshore Wind Energy for the California North Coast. The series is based on analysis led by the Schatz Center, working collaboratively with multiple partners. The first event is on Monday, September 14, and the series will run for five consecutive Mondays, through October 12. Webinars will begin at 2 pm (Pacific), and will be live streamed and captioned. The Oct. 5 webinar titled “Community Perspectives on Regional Impacts and Opportunities” may be particularly relevant for E&C students. Register here.
  4. The Presidential Management Fellowship and the US Forest Service webinar, Sept. 15. The Presidential Management Fellowship (PMF) is a two-year leadership development program in the federal government for advanced degree candidates. In this webinar, we will be sharing some general information about both the PMF program and the US Forest Service. We will also provide some perspective on the PMF experience at the US Forest Service, including positions held by current and former PMFs. We will reserve time for a Q & A session. More information on the PMF program is available here. Sept. 15, 10-11 a.m. No registration needed. Connection information: Adobe Connect https://usfs.adobeconnect.com/pmf-1000/. Audio: 888-844-9904; AC: 7398094#.
  5. Proposals sought for Campus Dialogue on Race. Submit your “virtual” workshop, presentation, or facilitated discussion proposal for the 22nd annual Campus/Community Dialogue on Race (CDOR): Oct. 26-30. Proposal deadline: Monday, Sept. 21, 5pm. See here for more information. The CDOR is an annual event at Cal Poly Humboldt that invites students, staff, faculty, administrators, and community members to present and attend programs that relate to racial justice and its intersections with all forms of oppression and resistance. Our objective is to create spaces and structures for reflection, analysis, dialogue and positive strategies for change. This year's theme is Global Justice for Black Lives: Examining the Past and Reimagining the Future.