Meet our Alumni

Jessica Whatcott

Jessica Whatcott , 2011

Job Title: Assistant Professor

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Chelsea Benson

Chelsea Benson, 2009

Job Title: (K-12) Program Coordinator

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Mike Conway

Michael Conway, 2012

Job Title: Director of Development

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Wendy Willis

Wendy Willis, 2015

Job Title: Executive Director

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Morgan King

Morgan King, 2003

Job Title: Climate Action Analyst

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Nicola Walters, 2017

Job Title: Lecturer

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Rebekah Dickens O'Hara

Rebekah Dickens Ohara, 2013

Job Title: CEO

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Meribeth (Beth) Geiger, 2016

Job Title: WA Director

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Daniel Tainow

Daniel Tainow, 2003

Job Title: Urban Park Ranger

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Marisa Formosa

Marisa Formosa, 2018

Job Title: Planner

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Leah Ramnath, 2019

Job Title: Ph.D. Student

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Kelda Britton, 2018

Job Title: High School Teacher

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Imil Ferrara

Imil Ferrara, 2020

Job Title: Independent Contractor

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Flora Brain

Flora Brain, 2012

Job Title: Field Institute Director

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Jenny Ursini

Jenny Ursini, 2016

Job Title: Education Specialist

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Rebekah Rafferty

Rebekah Rafferty, 2015

Job Title: VetsWork Program Coordinator

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Jodie Pixley, 2017

Job Title: Partnership Coordinator

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Yojana Miraya Oscco

Yojana Miraya Oscco, 2018

Job Title: Teaching Assistant

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Emma Lundberg

Emma Lundberg, 2016

Job Title: Graduate Research Asst.

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Katie Koscielak

Katie Koscielak, 2015

Job Title: Sustainability Analyst

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Brooks Estes

Brooks Estes, 2019

Job Title: Wildlife Area Technician

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Ciara Emery

Ciara Emery, 2020

Job Title: Field Representative

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Justin Ebrahemi

Justin Ebrahemi, 2016

Job Title: Director of Communication & Advancement

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Alexis Ollar

Alexis Ollar, 2011

Job Title: Executive Director

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Lenya Quinn-Davidson

Lenya Quinn-Davidson, 2009

Job Title: Area Fire Advisor

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Joanna Di Tommaso

Joanna Di Tommaso, 2015

Job Title: Executive Director

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Aneika J. Perez, 2020

Job Title:

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Kristian Michelle Salgado, 2018

Job Title: Community Education Specialist

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